Neofeed’s history

Creation of NEOFEED by Olivier PIVETEAU
Apr. 18
« Organic Agriculture » Certification
Feb. 19
First exports of OPTIMILK® in Europe
Nov. 16
Start of the industrial facility
Sept. 18
« FCA » Certification. European registration of the brand « OPTIMILK® » and commercial launch.
Mar. 19
Nov. 16
Nov. 16

Création de NEOFEED par Olivier PIVETEAU

Avr. 18
Avr. 18

Démarrage de l'outil industriel

Sept. 18
Sept. 18

Certification « Agriculture Biologique »

Dec. 18
Dec. 18

Entrée de Quentin LEBOUCHER en qualité d’associé et augmentation du capital social

Fév. 19
Fév. 19

Certification « FCA ». Enregistrement européen de la marque « OPTIMILK® » et lancement commercial.

Mars 2019
Mars 2019

Premières exportations d’OPTIMILK® en Europe

Neofeed’s values

After more than 15 years of experience in the animal nutrition and feed sector, we have real expertise in the domain. With our diverse professional experiences acquired in technical and commercial domains, we offer adapted solutions to your context of production (economical, regulatory and industrial).

Our spirit of conquest, mixed with our creativity drives us to conceive innovative solutions for animal nutrition. Our slogan “The difference by Nature” combines our personalities to think “outside of the box ” in our strategy of innovation. In fact, all products marketed by NEOFEED are made with 100% natural ingredients.

We base our approach on the constant changing needs of society in terms of feed. Situated upstream of the consumer, the entire range that we offer is approved for use in organic agriculture. This is in order to contribute to our food security through a healthy diet of animals, whilst respecting the animal and its environment..

DIn addition, our reasoned commercial approach ensures added value for all those involved in the production chain.

Finally, we promote local economic development by choosing regional industrial partners based within a radius of 150km. In this way, we limit our carbon footprint while enhancing French know-how internationally.

The effectiveness of our products is at the heart of our concerns. This is why all the solutions offered on the market are subject to in situ testing in our network of reference farms. This experimental phase is integral to marketing in order to guarantee to all our trading partners a proven and evaluated performance. We pay particular attention to the development of the evidence files that accompany our products..

Resolutely orientated towards customer satisfaction, we support all our breeder, industrial and distribution partners, both in France and abroad.

Our continuous improvement approach is based on the expectations and feedback from the field. In this way, we remain attentive to exchange with our various partners on the problems encountered in livestock farming in order to build together concrete, differentiating and viable solutions.

Our key strengths

We have built a strong network allowing us to test our innovations in a faithful circle of reference farms, but also industrial partners with complementary and recognized skills. With our own core manufacturing facility (Feed Chain Alliance certified), we adapt to the operating constraints of each.

Our difference

We mark our difference by our new way of operating in view of the size of the company. We ourselves lead the design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing of NEOFEED solutions.

The team

About us



Agricultural Engineer. After having occupied posts of technical responsibility (formulation, quality, R&D, regulatory), Olivier has acquired a solid technical-regulatory competence over the last 15 years before founding NEOFEED.

Our commitments

Environmental consideration

Managing our impact on the environment is crucial as the ecological issue is universal. Each economic player has a role to play on the environmental scene. NEOFEED takes into account the quality of sourcing and the naturalness of its ingredients in the interest of optimal ecological respect.

Compliance with the regulations in force

The regulatory environment is constantly growing. Regulatory monitoring is active in order to be in alignment with legislators at all levels (national and international) especially in terms of traceability.

Coherence with societal expectations

The profound changes in consumer demand oblige us to propose a modernized offer meeting the specifications of the production chain.

Reactivity and Innovation as an Identity

The services proposed to our clients owe their relevance to the reactivity in which they are formulated. The innovative internally developed products are the reflection of our skills put to the benefit of our clients to ensure their distinction and competitiveness in the market.

Our Quality approach

To fulfill its commitments, NEOFEED is committed to several quality approaches:
• Conformity certification in organic production methods, regulation (CE) n°834/2007
• Feed Chain Alliance (internationally recognised approach to animal feed hygiene, traceability and safety)