Research and development

Neofeed’s way of operating

Agricultural production, particularly animal production, must respond to a demographic problem: access for 9 billion people to daily food. This is the fundamental right.

In our R&D policy at NEOFEED, we associate this quantitative approach with a qualitative dimension: produce better to feed better.

The conduct of our R&D does not only follow the evolution of societal expectations in terms of feed, but must also anticipate them.

Thus, our R&D focused on naturalness works to combine « quality » and « competitiveness » at the service of production lines.

Step 1: Defining need
It is by being closely involved with animal feed industry operators that we identify the need for innovation in order to meet the zoo technical and societal challenges.
Step 2: Conception
Once the needs have been identified, we apply our skills to research the best combination of natural assets in compliance with technical, economic, industrial and regulatory constraints.
Step 3: Evaluation and validation
The first phases of evaluation begin within our network of reference producers, in order to assess efficiency in a real production context of the sector. Then, in order to scientifically establish our innovations, we ask recognized institutes to validate and expand our technical files.